Bendigo Bank Travel Card & Insurance

Bendigo Bank Travel Card & Insurance

Managing your finances while you are traveling for some business tour or adventure is a daunting task. Using a credit card can be convenient for overseas but it costs huge as you are charged a 3% cash advance fee, or it turns into several times more than the exact price when it is converted into foreign currency. So, kick off the traveling worries and gather unforgettable memories. Use Bendigo Bank Travel Card which assists travelers with multiple financial tools. It also provides them with a joyous state of travelling with convenience, security, and peace of mind. Also read: Bendigo Bank Eaglehawk

Aussie overseas financial tools

The new Bendigo fee-free travel credit card offers its Aussie overseas financial tools when they are on travel, but they are not to pay annual fees or any kind of Foreign Transaction Fee.

  • Bendigo Bank Travel Card does not charge any annual fees from the consumers and favors them with 0% interest on whatever they purchase up to 18 months after activating it.
  • You may enjoy Bendigo bank travel cards in the fashion of some other credit cards such as Cash Passport™Platinum Mastercard and Bendigo Ready Credit Card. These cards ensure the protection of your finances, security, and calmness while enjoying traveling out of the country.

Secure Solutions With Bendigo Travel Cards

Bendigo Bank Travel cards offer a stress-free journey to travelers by providing all the financial needs that may occur on the way to foreign countries. Here are some of the key solutions you can enjoy with Bendigo Bank travel cards when you are going to experience a future adventure.

1.  Global Acceptance

Bendigo Bank Travel cards are accepted worldwide with zero charges or interests providing unique and hassle-free services.

2.  Multi-Currency Convenience

Gone are the days when travelers were used to carrying multiple currencies of the relative countries they were traveling to.  With the Bendigo Bank Travel card, you can receive the currency in whatever country you are in, with convenience and flexibility. This phenomenal travel card eliminates the need for currency conversion with a heavy deduction while receiving the amount of foreign cash.

3.  Secure And Protected

Overseas feel panicky about carrying various currencies or huge amounts when they are planning for some foreign tour or adventure. With the innovative Chip-and-PIN technology, you can purchase 24/7 hours, whatever and wherever you want without fear of fraud.

4.  Budget Control

Bendigo Bank Travel Card is designed with the ability to spend the cash you have already uploaded. It helps you manage overspending by showing the balance updates at all times.

5.  International Payments

Say goodbye to the fatigue of currency conversion while shopping or sending funds worldwide. There are almost 25 different currencies available with your Bendigo Travel cards conveniently and securely.

6.  Foreign Cash

Bendigo Bank’s offers are not restricted to one platform. The overseas provides you with financial services at competitive rates from any of Bendigo’s branches.

7.  No Currency Conversion Fees

Any kind of credit or Debit Cards deducts the amount as per the cash value of the currency. The uniqueness lies only with Bendigo Bank Travel Cards that is free from hefty fees from overseas transactions.

8.  Reward Program

Besides all the financial services that Bendigo Bank Travel Cards offer their consumers, the most alluring thing is its loyalty points through which you can earn, discounts, travel rewards, or cash back facility as an ideal companion while traveling.


With the full guarantee of savings, security, and convenience, the Bendigo bank travel card goes hand in hand with travelers when they are exploring the world. With global acceptance, it doesn’t put any extra load of time or budget as you can avail every of its opportunity on hand paying $0 fees.


Can I use my Bendigo Bank card overseas?

There are about 840,000 ATMs overseas who have the eligibility to use a Bendigo Bank card. You can use your debit or credit card to withdraw the local currencies from the selected ATMs 24/7. Noteworthy are the ATM locations overseas, you can get dictation from your master card or visit Visa.

How to Manage and protect Your cards?

Don’t brood about your card and currency when or where you are traveling. Your finances are completely safe and secure, rather it prevents you from overspending by sending off and on notifications about the current balance. Make sure the protection of your Bendigo Travel card is guaranteed even if it is lost or stolen.

How can you manage cash with the Bendigo Bank Travel cards?

In the large markets, you can pay the charges with your credit card with the deduction in whatever currency they charge. On the contrary, if you are buying a cup of tea or coffee or paying the fare for a taxi, you need to pay in local currency. In this regard, Bendigo Travel cards come to assist everywhere by offering you currency conversion from certain specific ATMs.

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