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Bendigo Invest Direct Online Share Trading Guideline

Bendigo Invest Direct introduces two zestful platforms with unique features, functions, and advantages. On this platform, you learn how to save, trade, and manage your funds with confidence as you just could have dreamt before.

With Bendigo Invest Direct Standard, trade becomes an easy cake that provides you with stock market-inquiring tools that lead you towards new landscapes of opportunities and ways to execute them simultaneously. Also check: Bendigo Bank Rewards

Moreover, Bendigo Invest Direct Pro provides a particular platform that is customized to get various investors and expert traders assembled for finance dealing while applying innovative strategies with professional charting to enhance and invest their funds after and subsequently.

About This App

Bendigo Invest Direct is the most trustworthy trading platform where you can place your money for investment by applying the most advanced strategies to earn much more. Moreover, you can download the Bendigo Invest Direct (BID) trading app on your smartphone or tablet so that you can navigate to the most innovative strategies anytime anywhere.

BID (Bendigo Invest Direct) keeps its users on top of the investment by applying variant trading tools such as viewing live financial data and managing their portfolio so that they can check their investments on hand and make trading decisions faster.

Why You Need to Go For Bendigo Invest Direct?

Bendigo Invest Direct is the best choice for consumers to get a greater return through investment. It has set a standard platform for your financial investment that is built on a strong foundation in which you can avail yourself of a profitable chance with full surety and confidence. Some other characteristics are there which can captivate the consumers to use it and invest here:

1: Ease of Use

Bendigo Invest Direct helps you open an online account on a very easy pattern. You need to go to the browser to search Bendigo Invest Direct and install it. After filling in the personal and financial details, it is straightforward to navigate to the Bendigo platform.

2: Outstanding Value

The 2nd most important merit that leads the users towards Bendigo Invest Direct Standard is its$0 brokerage at the international markets particularly in the US, UK, Japan & Canada. Its monetary programs are designed for all kinds of traders with variant trading tools.

3: Support

Beyond a doubt, the Bendigo Bank Invest direct program not only saves your finances and financial records, but, it also provides consumers with constant guidance after analytical and comprehensive research. Through live chat support, you can be aware of upcoming profit offers. Bendigo’s Client Service Team is dedicated and persistent to help you any time anywhere.

BID Takes trade on the go.

The Bendigo Invest Direct mobile app has introduced a platform to its consumers where they can manage their finances easily by staying ahead of the market and making faster decisions about their future goals. Without yielding you to fatigue, you can manage and govern your portfolio. All financial data, international stock changes, and experts’ views and reactions are in your hands everywhere at any time. These guidelines make you a home in which to stock your investment strategy. You can buy and sell shares with full planning that will take you to the top of your investment. Thumbs up!

Bendigo Invest Direct Login

To log in to Bendigo Invest Direct, you need to follow these steps:

  • Open your browser, type the Bendigo Invest Direct website in the URL, and click it.
  • Place your credentials as username and password and all other required information accurately in the designated fields.
  • Also, place your email address and registered mobile number for security verification.
  • Tap on the “log in” block.
  • After completing the steps successfully, open the investment portfolio so that you can easily check your balance and navigate trading tools.

Bendigo Invest Direct fees

Suppose you are out of the country touring or residing overseas, and you need to pay an international transaction fee when you are shopping on your credit card. That fee costs a lot when purchasing heavy-duty items of luggage. On the contrary, with Bendigo Ready Credit Card, you are demanded 0$ in the form of an international transaction fee.

Bendigo Bank Broker portal

Bendigo Bank is the only Australian bank that has begun serving consumers with an online financial portal so that other parties can access your deals about financial products at a wide range.

Bank has bought 30% of shares of Inch Corp. of their portal that handles financial operations. Bendigo Bank Managing Director Rob Hunt and Inch Corp Managing Director John O’Shea have planned to raise the functionality and product growth higher and stronger.

The BID Mobile App Offers:

  • The BID mobile app offers you cash and margin-loan-funded accounts that help you buy and sell equities while managing orders.
  • Through this app, you are all aware of your loss and profit position by placing your current finances, market ratio, and corroborated trade scenario in front of you.
  • Besides the history and current finances, it also leads you towards advanced order tickets in the market.
  • This most innovative BID mobile app visages competitive lists, analysis, market share rates, and stock news from trustworthy sources including Morningstar, Dow Jones, and ASX.
  • Surety, security, and an easy approach to the app are guaranteed that is possible only by your facial recognition and fingerprint.

Prior note: For the functionality of the BID app, it is indispensable for you to be an existing and active member of the Bendigo Invest Direct account.


To sum up, Bendigo Invest Direct is a user-friendly platform that helps its customers, and investors to make and manage their respective portfolios by applying full security measures. Investors can conveniently use this app and trust that their financial and personal data is fully protected while providing the approach within the range of investment options simultaneously.


Can I view and trade on from my linked margin loan via the BID mobile app?

Surely Yes. The detailed information on your finances, investments, and insurance along with the amending orders are just a click away while using the BID mobile app.

Can I use the BID mobile app while I am overseas?

Yes, you can use the BID mobile app very easily, you only need to have it activated on your mobile phone or tablet. For that, you should have to connect it to your internet fast and actively. However, some additional carrier charges are applied to its usage when you are roaming globally.

Can I log into the desktop platform and the BID mobile app at the same time?

No, it is not possible. You can open your account web browser either on the desktop or the mobile app at one time. Be mindful that if you try to log in on both systems, they will not be connected as it will be taken as a third-party entry or some fraud.

Can I access advanced charts using the BID mobile app?

Heretofore, you cannot visit the advanced charts on your BID mobile app. It demands a reference guide to be connected with its basic charting. You can only open and view these advanced charts on the platform that can be accessed only through your desktop.

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